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“It’s sort of like capacity-building for resilience.”
~Anonymous participant survey

StoryMuse Trainings are workshops where I coach others in the art of telling their own stories.

Given all that’s happening in the world these days, I’m growing ever more passionate about helping people tell their stories – well. Please read more about my mission & values.

“It was really amazing to hear people let their guard down. I was so honored to hear everyone’s story.” ~ anonymous participant survey


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Activities include:

Quotes from participants & partners:

  • “The emotional gravity of such an undertaking necessitated an enormous amount of patience, trust-building, care, and commitment–all of which Shannon demonstrated in spades. Shannon listened deeply to and honored the needs of participants and us, the commissioning arts presenter. Consequently, we all seemed to grow through the process Shannon facilitated. As a story coach, she maintained high expectations for participants, always leavened by love and understanding for the complex emotions one tangles with when preparing personal stories for performance.” ~ Jon Catherwood-Ginn – Associate Director of Programming, Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech [excerpt from LinkedIn recommendation]
  • “I loved every storytelling workshop you have organized and know organizations out there want to train their managers on using storytelling to capture audiences.” ~ Dr. Matilda Kerry Osazuwa, Founder – George Kerry Life Foundation, Nigeria
  • “Most business reviews agree that storytelling will be the biggest business skill in the years to come. I am thankful to have had the best coach in this discipline. My ability to understand the team I lead and how to inspire them to give their best has been richly enhanced.” ~ Emmanuel Yofenyuy Fai Yengo, Treasury Inspector, Chief Accountant – Directorate General of the Treasury, Financial and Monetary Cooperation, Ministry of Finance, Cameroon
  • “Before coming to GSU, I did not think there was an art to storytelling or it was a skill I needed to be learn. I absolutely had no idea how powerful a tool it is and how much it would help me as a leader. All that changed when Shannon took us through detailed lessons in the art of storytelling. Now I know better. I understand the power of telling the right stories the right way. In fact, this skill absolutely helped me deliver a powerful Ignite Talk in front of over 200 young African leaders at the Presidential summit in DC. Thanks alot, Shannon!” ~Titi Babafunso – Attorney and Founder of The Librarians Educational Advancement (LEA) Foundation, Nigeria
  • “I really enjoyed the storytelling workshops. I like sharing my story on cancer to youth and other small groups. I believe now it will be more built and deliver it well. I now know how to make it interesting to listen to.” ~ Chaikhwa Lobatse, RN – Ministry of Health, Botswana
  • “Shannon Turner’s storytelling workshops/classes for the 2016 Mandela Washington Fellowship (YALI) at Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University, gave me be a better view on how to engage people or an audience. The more I participated in her storytelling workshops/classes, the more I began to understand the role storytelling would play in my personal development as well as my ability to be a better manager and leader.”~ Obiefule Iroabueke, Assistant General Manager (Business Development and Investment), Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) – Federal Ministry of Aviation, Nigeria

Workshop Rates:

My rates are reasonable, and I’m looking forward to working with you. I believe in right-sizing workshop rates according to the number of participants, your budget, and context. If you’re interested in a workshop or residency, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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